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Agenda item

Member Update and Cabinet Forward Plan


Adult Care and Well-being Overview and Scrutiny Panel


At its next meeting, the Panel was being briefed on Replacement Care Services for adults with a learning disability, in particular the planned engagement with service users, carers, staff and stakeholders on options for future provision of replacement care for adults with a learning disability. All Members had been made aware and invited as observers to attend the planned informal meetings with carers around the County.


The Panel would also be looking at Public Health's work on Prevention and on Social Isolation which stemmed from concerns about depression in older people and how social isolation impacted on this.  The Vice-Chairman advised that in due course she would be providing a report on Bus Services to the Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel which may impact on social isolation too.


The Chairman requested that the Panel Chairman find out more information about Extra Care provision in Worcestershire in view of proposals for potential service changes.


Corporate and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel


The Chairman advised that at its March meeting the Panel would be looking at Councillor ICT which had been deferred from its November and January meetings.


Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Panel


The Chairman of the Panel advised that in respect of the Scrutiny of overnight short breaks for children with disabilities, meetings had been held with parents/carers and visits carried out to the short break units. 


Concerns were emerging in respect of the consistency in approach of officers carrying out the one to one meetings with parents/carers of children who took overnight short breaks at the Ludlow Rd Unit.  The Chairman referred to the question that she had asked at February's meeting of Council, which was for the CMR for Transformation and Commissioning to give assurance that that there was consistency in approach of officers asking questions during a consultation process, she was given this assurance but nevertheless had concerns that this that this was not the case in this instance.  Other concerns were emerging about the emergency provision and increased travel time for those children who were very frail, if they were required to travel further afield..  The Task Group were meeting with the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust (HACT) on 5 March, who it was understood were likely to challenge some of the financial information presented in the 14 December 2017 Cabinet Report. It was further understood that the parents of the Children who attended the Ludlow Rd unit were meeting with CMR and the HACT


Cllr Oborski also referred to the Nascot Lawn High Court ruling which seemed to imply that the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) needed to be involved in funding of overnight short breaks.


The Task Group were due to meet with the CMR shortly.


Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC)


At its January meeting, the Committee received an update on the progress of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and the CQC requirements for improvement.  The Committee were pleased to note that the Trust's recent inspection had shown signs of improvement. Quality of Acute Hospital Services was also discussed. The Committee were also advised that the Department of Health had approved £3m funding for a new link bridge at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.


At its next meeting in March, the Committee would be receiving an update from the Chief Executive of the West Midlands Ambulance Service.


Crime and Disorder


Cllr Paul Middlebrough was looking for a meeting date to discuss the LTP4 Consultation successes, any member of the Board who was interested was welcome to attend the meeting.


The Road Safety Team for Warwickshire and West Mercia had made a presentation to the Health and Well-Being Board on 27 February 2018 in respect of Children's Road Safety and Cllr Middlebrough thought that it would be beneficial for the OSPB to receive a similar presentation and to include the 'Drive' Initiative.  It was agreed that Officers would make arrangements for this to happen at a future meeting.


Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel


At its January meeting the Panel had considered the Flood Risk Management Annual Report. 


Highways England were scheduled to attend 7 March meeting of the Panel which would receive an overview on the work of Highways England including its role and schemes of work.  All councillors were invited to attend.  The Panel also would also be looking street lighting.


Forward Plan


An updated version of the Forward Plan was circulated at the Meeting.


Extra Care Housing Core Funding – The Vice- Chairman suggested that the increase in extra care housing was releasing properties for families, which would have a knock on effect to the demand for school transport.  It was suggested that this was an area which should be added to the Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Panel's Work Programme.


Performance Management


The Chairman reported that he and the Vice-Chairman had met with the Chief Executive to discuss how panels could carry out their role in relation to performance monitoring. He would circulate the note from the meeting to Panel and would in due course work out the practicalities for the Panel Chairmen to start making arrangements for this to happen.


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