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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.

Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is responsible for most day to day Council decisions.  The Leader of the Council, Councillor Simon Geraghty, appoints councillors to the Cabinet and these Cabinet Members have specific areas of responsibility; there are currently ten members of the Cabinet.

Meetings of Cabinet are open to the public and press and will be held in public unless a matter to be discussed is confidential or exempt. Meetings will be broadcast (where possible) See recent and future webcasts.

The Cabinet must make its decisions in line with the overall policies, priorities and budget set by the full Council. Cabinet also considers and responds to reports and recommendations from the Overview and Scrutiny Performance Board.

Individual Cabinet Member with Responsibility are authorised to take Executive decisions, as specifically delegated by Cabinet Find out more information about these decisions.

Certain types of decision which are the responsibility of the Cabinet and Individual Cabinet Members with Responsibility are called 'key decisions', and in most circumstances, advance notice will be given of key and non key decisions in a monthly publication published by the Leader of the Council called the Forward Plan. A key decision is a decision which:

  • is in connection with the discharge of an executive function and
  • involves significant expenditure or savings having regard to the budget for the related service or function; or
  • has a significant effect on communities in two or more electoral divisions