Agendas, Meetings and Minutes - Agenda and minutes

Agenda and minutes

Venue: County Hall, Worcester

Contact: Kate Griffiths  Committee Officer

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Apologies for Absence and Substitutions


Apologies for absence were received from Ms T Lister, Mr K Pollock, Mrs L Thorne and Ms K Poole.


Declaration of Interests


None declared.


Confirmation of the Minutes pdf icon PDF 98 KB


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a correct record of the meeting and were signed by the Chairman.


Hub Leaders Project

To receive a presentation from Stephen Pett and Ellie Hill on the project findings.




Stephen Pett and Ellie Hill advised that although the project had concluded work would continue with the Hub Leaders as they had been extremely enthusiastic and had brought a lot to the sessions at the RE in Worcestershire conference. This success would be cascaded to leaders in schools and it was hoped the success from working with colleagues would continue.


Ellie Hill circulated examples of personal reflections from the workshops and reiterated that she and Stephen Pett would be taking a paper on the Hub Leaders Project to the national joint NASACRE, NATRE, AULRE and AREIAC conference in October.


Stephen Pett emphasised the need to ensure engagement was maintained with these useful network groups and he would be planning more meetings.


Councillor Robin Lunn suggested that SACRE write to every school that took part to thank them for their contribution. Stephen agreed to provide a list of schools to Councillor Lunn.


Resolved that SACRE:

a)    Would ensure that good links to network groups would be maintained with further meetings to be arranged.


b)    Would send a letter to all the schools involved thanking them for their contributions.


c)    Noted that Stephen Pett and Ellie Hill would be taking a paper to the joint NASACRE, AULRE AND AREIAC conference in October; and


d)    Noted an update would be brought to the next SACRE meeting on 5th February 2019.


Feedback from Secondary Conference pdf icon PDF 670 KB


Chris Giles confirmed Stephen Pett had done a fantastic job including standing in or last minute absence of a speaker, and teachers had come away inspired as well as making good links with other counties as people had come from Bristol, Oxfordshire etc. Although only 30 teachers attended, from over a possible 100 secondary schools, 100% had said it was excellent value and therefore, should be deemed a success.


It was felt that although this event had been good value for money, costs may have affected the attendance as well as the fact that GCSE Teachers were only being sent on exam board or exam based training. It was acknowledge there were difficulties in arranging cover for those who did attend. It was agreed these factors should be taken into account when planning future events.


Resolved that SACRE would take steps to improve take up of future events.




Future Support for Teachers

Getting a coherent plan to support schools via networks, conferences etc, together with the Diocese and University.

Update on plans for primary and secondary support.




It was explained that the Diocese had their own professional development which SLA schools could obtain free of charge. Sian Vickery and Steph Boulter attended two development events in Hartlebury covering topics around prayer and spirituality. Non church schools were able to access information on 'understanding Christianity' free of charge and 32 attendees were already booked in for the session being held next week.


Steph stated there was an issue around the changes to the SIAMs framework and therefore, there would be no inspections in Worcestershire until the spring which would allow Head Teachers to undergo relevant training.


Professor Stephen Parker at Worcester University had successfully applied for £2,000 worth of funding to support secondary school RE teacher which had been received and was being held by the University.


Chris Giles had set up a networking group of Secondary RE Schools with the idea of meeting up once a term and also proposed to prepare a conference in the summer. 18 people had attended the first secondary teacher network meeting, including Ben Smith, Education Officer at the Cathedral, there was a warm welcome and it was the opportunity where creative ideas and resources were shared. Chris requested support from SACRE as well as support for the event at Worcester University on 23rd January 2019. SACRE would be represented by Stephen Pett.


Discussions took place on whether there should be a separate or combined event for Worcestershire. Stephen Petts pointed out that if an event for secondary schools was to take place dates would have to be circulated now. Agreement was reached that SACRE should work towards a combined summer 2019 conference which Stephen agreed to take forward.


SACRE agreed some thought should be given to primary schools and that the Diocese and SACRE collaborate on this. Steph Boulter and Stephen Pett will work with the network groups and organise a conference for primary schools. They will report back to SACRE on 5th February.




Commission on RE: to consider the report and its implications for Worcestershire pdf icon PDF 410 KB


There were discussions around the recommendations of the CoRE Executive Summary - Religion and Worldviews: The Way Forward A national plan for RE.


SACRE looked at the recommendations and discussed in detail.

Councillor Lunn suggested that a task group be set up to produce a response from SACRE but Stephanie Boulter pointed out that it would be unlikely there would be a call for consultation as the commission would present the recommendations to the Department of Education for them to be adopted and ratified.


Resolved that SACRE could do nothing at this stage but further discussions could take place once it was known which recommendations had been accepted.



Agreed Syllabus

To discuss the process for the revision of the 2015 syllabus for 2020.



SACRE reviews the syllabus every five years and a new syllabus would be required by September 2020. In order to achieve this target date any revision to the syllabus would need to be started in 2019.


RE Today would look at the syllabus to review if any changes or amendments for Worcestershire were required in the light of the Commission Report and will report back to SACRE.  


Discussions took place around alternatives to the syllabus, such as Worcestershire SACRE writing their own syllabus or whether to remain with what was in place with a view to re-licence it. This would enable SACRE to keep the existing syllabus until notified of any revised legal requirements. There will be scope for consulting teachers on their views on any changes before the next meeting.


Resolved that no decision on the syllabus would be made by SACRE at this stage. SACRE will convene an agreed syllabus conference at the spring SACRE meeting in February 2019. This would enable teachers to be consulted on any changes they would want to see. 


GCSE / A level Results


The national figures were circulated at the meeting. The figures showed a drop in

RE at GCSE and A level. It was  and it was felt they were not good news

especially as there were not consequences for those schools who do

not fulfil their obligations. It was agreed SACRE should respond to these findings

with suggestions put forward such as:

·         A letter of support

·         Provide training

·         Get MPs involved

Resolved that SACRE discuss this further at the next meeting in February 2019.



Sub group to monitor Secondary RE


The sub group had not been put in place to look at this and Stephen suggested SACRE wait until further information on GSCE results 2018 was available.

Chris would meet with Stephen and Stephanie to look at this data produce a report for SACRE to be presented at the February 2019 meeting.


Stephanie explained that she would be meeting with Dudley SACRE who had written to schools to look into how schools dealt with RE. It was agreed closer analysis should be undertaken at the next meeting.


Resolved to discuss this further at the next meeting in February 2019 when information on the GCSE results for 2018 was available and schools had responded with how they are complying with teaching RE.


Annual Report pdf icon PDF 126 KB


Chris agreed to send analysis of 2017 GCSE results to Peter to enable the 2018 report to be compiled which would go to the National SACRE.


Resolved that SACRE would discuss this further at the next

meeting in February 2019 to enable further analysis to be



Interfaith Week


Mitzvah Day 2nd November 2pm – 4pm Alexander Hospital, Redditch

Ba'hai holiday celebration – 10th November at Evesham Town Hall.

Interfaith Forum Seminar - 12th November, Key Speaker Lindsay Thorne.

Langar Week took place 1st – 7th October. Sikh food provided at Worcester University for all communities.


Yvonne agreed to send information on the Interfaith Forum Seminar to Kate Griffiths for circulation to SACRE.

SACRE agreed to pick up Langar Week for 2019.


Feedback from Members


No feedback to note.


Any Other Business


Jatinderpal Loyal to forward Kate Griffiths dates for the Soho Road Sikh Temple visit. Details on transport will also be circulated. Provisionally planned for school half term holiday in November.


Future Meeting Dates

Dates for 2019

·       Tuesday 5 February 2019

·       Wednesday 15 May 2019

·       Wednesday 2 October 2019


All at 2pm at County Hall Worcester unless otherwise notified.


2pm 5 February 2019

2pm 15 May 2019

2pm 2 October 2019